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Witch's House

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Witch's House

This is a sculpture of a witch's home standing one one bird's foot.

This fellow's face is removable and reversible so that it can "blink" between a closed and open eye. Behind their face, they are hollow, great for storing tiny objects.

One of its toes was chipped in the kiln unloading process and has been sanded to remove sharp edges. The hat sign also put up a real fight; it has been epoxied onto the house and the epoxy has been painted. There also small glaze errors on the bottom edge of the roof visible in picture #4. This guy has troubles, but it also has a little swingy dangly sign that says WUTCH?

Please note the 6"/~15cm ruler for scale in the last photo. Shipping is $11 because I cannot fit them in a padded envelope.

5% of proceeds donated to Feed the Block San Jose, 5% donated to Sogorea Te’ Land Trust.