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About & FAQ

Clayfellows are little clay guys handmade with love. Useful as talismans, plant-watchers, paperweights, companions. May or may not dispel or increase bad luck, omens, or meaningful dreams.

All fellows are made by Z. Zandbergen, who also handles fulfillment, customer service, and this whole website. Hello!

A gaggle of ceramic fellows glazed in blue and black
    • Where is Clayfellows based?

      San Jose, CA, on Muwekma Ohlone territory. If you live in the Bay Area, please check out the Sogorea Te' Land Trust.


      How often does the store restock?

      About every three months or more. I have a day job and ceramics take a while. Sign up for the mailing list for new stock email notifications. The next update is going to be December 9th 2023 unless I experience some kind of terrible accident.

      The last update was December 2023. It sold out in ten minutes. The update before that sold out in three minutes. Please don't expect a leisurely purchase process (although I failed to update the store for a year, so maybe everyone is chill now).


      Do you do pre-orders or custom fellows?

      I have not yet figured out a way to do pre-orders that's respectful of my time and fair to everyone interested.

      Custom fellows are available via commission slots, as announced occasionally through the mailing list. They are slow and expensive.


      Wasn't the store...different?

      Fellows used to be sold via Storenvy, which I switched away from due to a lot of very boring admin reasons. Most fellows from January 2019 to December 2020 are still archived there. Go look at them if you want!


      What's the best way to get in touch?

      If you have a question that involves "money," "business," "store UI glitches," et cetera, please use the store contact form and not social media. The mental effort it takes to remember DMs for more than ten seconds is just tremendous.

      If you want to send me an update on the fellow you bought (which I would love), social media is dandy.


      Is shipping included?

      Nope! Shipping within the US is $4.00 for small items, $6.00 for items that require boxes but are under a pound, and $11.00 for items over a pound. $11.00 shipping is also automatically "two-day" (may be longer due to the attempted disembowelment of the USPS). Prices go up slightly for additional guys.


      Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

      Yes, but only for the small fellows. Larger ones are bonkers expensive to ship. Small-fellow shipping is $18 USD. I do not currently ship to the United Kingdom or New Zealand.

    • Do you include notes or messages?

      I write a note with every order. If it's a gift, or if you have a phrase you really want to see in my handwriting, just let me know.

    • How long will it take to receive my order?

      Shipping may take up to a week from the time of your order. Once shipped, most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. Again, I have to stress that the US postal service has had some rough times lately.

    • What is this store's return and exchange policy?

      No returns or exchanges.  Cancelling an order before I ship it is a-okay. No breakages reported in shipping thus far. I am very zealous with bubble wrap.

    • What are Clayfellows made of?

      Clayfellows are made from clay, specifically b-mix, and fired at Cone 10, which is about 2300 degrees F. They are materially identical to a mug or bowl and dishwasher-safe unless marked otherwise (some have tiny touches of acrylic paint).

    • Do you sell Clayfellows other people can paint?

      I do not, either unfinished or finished. I very strongly prefer that you do not paint or modify a fellow after purchase.

Are you using "fellows" to connotate a gender?

"Fellows," "guys," and "dudes" are all used as gender-neutral due to my congenital Californianity. The majority of the fellows are nonbinary.

  • Are the fellows influenced by [insert a weird little sprite from a Ghibli film here]?

    Subconsciously, sure! Other influences include the work of Shaun Tan and Erin Kubo. Consciously, I'm just noodling around.

  • I would like something Clayfellowish, but flat and fabric.

    T-shirts are available on Redbubble and fabric is available on Spoonflower.