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Fellow Commission Deposit

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This is a deposit for a custom fellow with a hollow body and reversible face. Imp, stump, homelyfellow, angel, strange beast, some incomprehensible hybrid, whatever. You can choose to throw in a tiny friend too!

Pricing will vary based on complexity. This deposit fully covers an imp plus commission fee plus shipping. For more elaborate works, I'll give you a price estimate and charge the rest on completion before shipping.

I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas. That said: please be open to surprises as I execute the commission, whether due to my choices or the kiln's. A little loosey-gooseyness is key to the ceramics process.

Timeframe on completion is two to three months. These will absolutely not be done by the winter holidays.

There are eight slots available and they're first-come first-served. If you don't get a slot and you're heartbroken over it, let me know via the contact form and I'll try to put together some kind of waitlist. Please don't be mean to me, it won't achieve anything.

All commissions come with a watercolor sketch.