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Plein Air Paint Wizards

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Plein Air Paint Wizards

These underglaze-decorated little fellows have removable hatbrims that function as paint palettes for mixing watercolors. They're also bedecked with flowers in honor of the joy of painting outside.

Their faces are removable and reversible. The wizards are hollow behind their faces for storage of tiny objects.

The face of the wizard holding orange and red flowers reads A LITTLE DIRT NEVER HURT, while the one holding daisies has big, dramatic teeth. The dirt-wizard has a dramatic crack in its hatbrim that has been patched with epoxy; it's watertight and functional, but not beautiful.

Wizards sold individually.

Please note the 6"/~15cm ruler for scale in the last photo. Shipping is $11 because I cannot fit them in a padded envelope.

5% of proceeds donated to Feed the Block San Jose, 5% donated to Sogorea Te’ Land Trust.