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Mug Imps

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Mug Imps

Little round behorned guys with fresh hot mugs of god knows what. Their faces are removable and reversible so that they can "blink" between a closed and open eye. Behind their faces, they are hollow, great for storing tiny objects.

They would enjoy sitting on a desk, windowsill, or kitchen shelf.

Fellows #5 and #6 have acrylic paint touchups on their faces that mean they're not food-safe.

They are listed together so they can have a little chat before they go to new homes (and also for "less clutter in the store"). I will not send you more than one unless you successfully buy multiple.

Please note the 4"/~10cm ruler for scale in the last photo. These fellows are small. Shipping is $6 because I still cannot fit them in a padded envelope.

5% of proceeds donated to Feed the Block San Jose, 5% donated to Sogorea Te’ Land Trust.

Each fellow is handsculpted and wholly unique.